Thank You!

Thank you for the offerings and tithes you have made and are making to RCCG Throne or Grace.  Your gifts, of your time, of your God-given talents, and of your money, help support all that we do at RCCG Throne of Grace.  RCCG Throne of Grace could do nothing without the blessings of God and faithful gifts, offerings and tithes of its members. Together, we are the Body of Christ.  When we are giving, we are being the faithful people God calls us to be.

Our offerings bring about blessings on many levels.  We are transformed, made new, through our offerings.  We believe in a God who is generous. And we are created in God’s image.  So we are called to be generous as God is generous.

Our offerings also help to transform others. There would be no Godly Play without our offerings.  And it is through Godly Play that young people learn about God, about God’s love and generosity. And through that learning they are transformed.

Your gifts are tax deductible and your contribution statements will be given to you at the year end.


Thank you once again for you generous donations, may God bless you richly and may you find His grace and mercy at all times.


Pastor Patrick Mejeidu